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Sandra Marie Battles (better known as Sandy Battles) is a full time licensed professional real estate broker and has been with The James Company as one of the longest team employees.

Licensed in both Tennessee and Georgia, Sandy is a full time residential and commercial specialist. Sandy has produced sales in excess of one million dollars each and every year of her career.

Sandy is a multi million dollar producer thriving on achieving success for each of her clients, whether it is selling their property, or in helping one purchase the most suitable acquisition for their needs.

During the most difficult selling climates in our Country’s history, Sandy out performed most others and was the “Top Sales Agent” for the fourth quarter 2008.  This should continue throughout 2009.

Sandy is a health conscious individual who exercises or runs daily in the downtown area.

As an inhabitant of downtown Chattanooga, Sandy is well versed in the knowledge of all downtown commercial and residential properties.
Her spirited personality blends well with her straight forward business acumen when combined this usually leads to a successful selling and buying culmination.

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Real Estate Environmentalist:

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Sandy should be synomous with “Certifiably Green” helping her clients to enhance their lifestyles through the selection of healthier economic and environmentally friendly real estate investments. These types of investments not only help the environment, but is ultimately money saving over the life of the investment.

As part of the “Certifiably Green” program, Sandy is also Eco Broker Certified with all of the training and benefits which are derived from that status.

My Company

The James Company Real Estate Brokers and Development is Chattanooga’s premier Real Estate organization within the community of Chattanooga. The James Company is the most prestigious, primarily working with luxury properties which are typically, Lakefront or Riverfront. The James Company Real Estate Brokers and Development has more recently begun to focus on the “in town” living communities and urban lifestyle environments.  The James Company is well known as one of the oldest and most respected names in the Chattanooga area.

• Goals:  Accelerate my business through a focused Eco-Friendly Real Estate Marketing Campaign. Featuring the areas of the city I concentrate on, thus generating questions and leads for me to follow up on.  Also, establish my new “name brand” as an independent broker, so that everyone recognizes my brokerage firm as an independent entity.

• Prospective Demographics: Two main categories of clients (1) The client looking to buy mid to high end residential in the downtown area or lake front area, including those looking to live in condos as well as single family homes. (2)  Commercial buyers for potential shopping center (retail) locations. Additionally those commercial buyers looking for multi-family units, also commercial properties in the downtown area.

Visit my Welcome to Chattanooga page for more information on this beautiful area and the Geo Target Descriptions.

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